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Defining Your Strategic Priorities

This quick 20-minute webinar is designed to help you with the initial phase of your strategic lifecycle plan. David offers valuable perspective and provides practical planning and workshop tips.

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Steps for starting strategy planning

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David McCoy Engagement Manager, Strategy & Delivery email linkedin website

What You'll Gain from Watching

how to strategy plan
How to Strategy Plan Sustainably
93% of companies that have successful strategies recognized their need to pivot and evolve their original strategic plan. Identify the right time and effective approaches for course correction.
how to rank priorities
How to Prioritize Opportunities
90% of businesses fail to meet their strategic targets. Don't be one of them! Aspirant teaches you how to prioritize what's most important to achieve company goals. 
communicate effectively to teams
Why You Need to Communicate to Your Teams
95% of employees do not understand the strategy set by their leaders. We’ll dive into how to transform your planning efforts and communicate effectively to get your teams on board.
Discover new ways to improve your processes and solve complex problems sustainably. David McCoy provides education on the three phases of the strategic planning lifecycle and Aspirant's perspective for successful strategy planning.

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