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Improve Your Recruiting Process Through the Power of Storytelling

We've got best practices for transforming your organization's recruiting efforts in 2023. Dive into this 40-minute webinar with Patty and Alicia. They speak to how recruiters can use employer branding to create stories that audiences truly embrace!

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Featured Speaker:

Patty Silbert Executive Vice President, RPO email linkedin

What You'll Gain from Watching

Storytelling in RPO Recruiting
Why You Need Storytelling
Storytelling — it's all about building better connections with people. We’ll dive into how storytelling can transform your recruiting efforts in 2023.
Design Thinking in Recruiting Process
Why Design Thinking Will Move the Needle
Uncover and improve upon the way your recruiting teams are reaching their audience. Learn what you can expect if you incorporate design thinking in your processes.
RPO Success and Insights
How You Can Leverage Our Insights!
Turn it into your success. Let us help you create a storytelling recruiting process to achieve your hiring goals.
Listen in on this co-hosted sessions with RPOA. This Leadership Forum illustrates how storytelling can be leveraged, creating a competitive advantage for your organizations recruiting efforts. 
Fill out the form below to gain access to this webinar recording and if you like what you hear have the opportunity to speak with our recruiting experts. Thanks for watching!

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