May 24, 2023

Aspirant Earns New Top-Echelon Microsoft Partner Designations


Microsoft has awarded Aspirant two Solutions Partner Designations: Data & AI and Digital & App Integration. This recognition has been earned through a combination of skill certification, deployment scale, client utilization, and revenue generation. Microsoft’s new framework is more stringent than the legacy Gold Partner program, which lapsed at the end of 2022.

“Our partnership with Microsoft has only grown stronger over the years. We have utilized their platforms for client engagements across a variety of industries,” explained Phil Kossler, Aspirant’s Managing Director of App Development & Integrations. “Our team is very proud of being recognized with these new designations as validation of the level of the capabilities we offer our clients.”

“This partnership with Microsoft enables us to collaborate directly with their experts to implement the ideal solutions for clients,” added Sayed Saeed, Managing Director of Microsoft Cloud Solutions. “We have even been able to secure funding directly from Microsoft to subsidize client-specific cloud solutions.”

Aspirant’s Microsoft proficiency is not captive to its technology teams. Their unique Integrated Expertise enables the entire organization to leverage the full breadth and depth of those skills.

Aspirant partners with business leaders to implement practical solutions to their most critical strategic, technological, and talent-related challenges. Our collaborative teams apply industry and functional expertise to help clients achieve sustainable results. We also strive to make a meaningful impact in the community by raising awareness of domestic violence and supporting victims through our Connection of Hope program. For more information, contact

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