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Three Reasons You Need a Communications Specialist in Your Tech Department

Three Reasons You Need a Communications Specialist in Your Tech Department

Whether you have a communications point person or need to work with other departments yourself, open and clear communication is a necessity. Having a person skilled in communication on your tech team is vitally important.

It’s certainly possible to have a tech person who is also a great communicator, but many of them would rather stick to code and hardware than explain something to a sales rep. This becomes particularly important when dealing with large projects or process changes.

We talk about the importance of communication transitioning to DevOps and Agile projects. But that is not the only time communication is important. The everyday tasks, the minor improvements and fixes, all thrive with good communication.

One of the most important reasons to have a communications specialist is that it can, and often should, be a whole job on its own. There are benefits to having someone who is dedicated to communication, and not just seeing it as another thing on their plate.

Even when your tech team is successfully completing objectives, they aren’t reaching their true potential and an interdepartmental harmony if they aren’t communicating well. However, if your programmers are spending time communicating with others who don’t understand what they do, that might negatively affect how much work they can get done.

It could also have an effect on their attitude and engagement. If communicating with others is not something your tech people are comfortable with, but they consistently have to do, they are constantly working outside of their comfort zone.

So, how can your department continue its success while also working with other areas of your company? Hire a tech communication specialist. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Communicating with tech departments can be painful for everyone.

It can be frustrating for your tech team to try to explain why they aren’t able to fulfill a request to someone who doesn’t understand their technical terms and restrictions. On the flip side, it’s frustrating from other departments to be told something can’t be done and to not understand why. Other departments often feel that tech team employees are talking down to them, whether it’s true or not.  If you have someone one who is part of the tech team but focused on communication, they can be that bridge between the tech team and the rest of your company.

2. Everyone wants someone who is “on their side.”

This builds right off the last one. As much as we dislike it, an “us versus them” mentality often arises with IT. An ideal tech communication specialist will be part of the IT team and be seen as part of every other team as well. They will know the best ways to communicate between IT and Manufacturing by breaking down what tech problems or enhancements will mean for their processes and machines. They can explain to IT the value of the requests from Sales for their order entry system. This person won’t specialize in IT, Sales or Production; they will specialize in communicating with all of them. They will build trust with each department because people will understand that they want to help.

3. They are great for planning and strategy for cross departmental projects.

Since the tech communication specialist doesn’t have to get down in the weeds with the technical side, they can step back and look at the whole picture. They can connect the dots and plan for the life of the project beyond creation and implementation. They will fill in the pieces and help make the plans by working easily with other departments and orchestrating a team environment.

These are just three of the reasons you want a tech communications specialist on your team! For more info, connect with us at Aspirant.

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