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November 13, 2018

How DevOps Service Helps Companies Achieve Goals

App Development & Integration

Once you’ve built some internal interest for DevOps, it’s time to start hitting executives with some hooks to support DevOps adoption. It’s not as hard to get CIOs, IT directors, and similar folks on board; they know the value and usually like to keep up-to-date on the best technology solutions and processes. But, what about your CFO, or your manufacturing director? Show the whole executive team how DevOps can help with development quarterly goals.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a popular subject, everybody wants it. Everybody also hates to invest the time, people and money into it. This is often a company goal, decreasing incorrect products and services helps save the company money. It prevents wasting time and resources. Organizations are often forced to depend on inspection to achieve quality. This prevents imperfection from reaching the consumer, but does not save you the time and money needed to create it. Plus it adds the cost and time of the inspection. With DevOps you can eliminate the need for inspection by building efficiency and quality into the system that creates your product or service. Quality Assurance becomes an automatic part of the process, not something you add on to the end. You’ll decrease mistakes and free up labor and resources.


Reworking Software

Along the same lines as above, no matter how many times you test and check software, it seems like you miss something. Developers spend so much time and effort going back over, fixing mistakes and making changes in code. If you’re considering adopting DevOps, start tracking that time with your current process. Include your developers’ time as well as people from other departments who test. Get an idea of your timeframe and then an average pay rate. Calculate how much it costs the company to use the current process, and get an idea of how much time will be saved with a DevOps process. In DevOps, mistakes are found earlier and fixed long before it affects any end users. With issues found sooner, fixing them is also simpler and faster. You free up your developer capacity to create more innovation. This helps you save money and move faster.



Decreasing downtime is often a goal for IT departments. Start keeping track of how much downtime you have for testing and rolling out new software. Estimate how much time you’ve lost to outages and disruptions involving technology in the past year. Equate that to a dollar amount. Make sure to include lost production time, lost wages of end users as well as developers and anything else that is affected. Any of this is adding unnecessary time and costs to the department. DevOps can improve stability and performance across the board. You’ll have higher quality software that is rolled out quickly and efficiently, with little to know downtime.


Increased Innovation

You want to be ahead of the curve with new technology. Your company wants to roll out improved software and new applications sooner rather than later. DevOps adoption helps you get there. Your process is quick, smooth, and inclusive. You can be more confident in the outcome knowing that all the people needed were involved. You’re out there before the competition, and you did it faster. If not, consider the alternative. The competition is using DevOps and they get out the latest and greatest before you, while you’re struggling to keep up.

These are just a few of the kind of development quarterly goals that DevOps adoptions can help with. Partner with the experts at Aspirant to help figure out how a DevOps adoption can help your company stay ahead. Reach out below!

Phil is Aspirant's Managing Director of the App Development & Integration practice with a focus on providing enterprise-grade solutions. His 30 years of experience have given him the opportunity to work across many markets, industries, and applications. Phil is leading a team of skilled web and mobile developers building strategic solutions for our customers.

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