Understanding Employee Experience During Acquisition Through AI Tool

The Challenge

Our client, a large individual not-for-profit health insurer in the United States, was looking to bolster a division of their business focused on federal and state programs through acquisition of a division from an affiliate organization.  While a large portion of the effort was focused on the technology integration, processes, and structures to facilitate the growth of the division did not want to overlook the impact on the people both old and new.

The Solution

Through Digital Discovery® we provided their impacted workforce a platform to speak on key engagement topics ranging from leadership, development, and culture to in the moment challenges and opportunities employees were facing. The platform aided in gathering the information from each employee and, along with the support of our Analysts, categorized and summarized results, performed sentiment analysis, and provided decision makers a curated engagement dashboard aiding in understanding of the employee experience.

The Results

  • Leadership having a deeper understanding of the employee experience through interactive data visualization
  • Increased engagement from the impacted employees whose experiences were helping to drive decision making
  • Smoother integration of the new and existing employees facilitating the formation of a foundation to grow the business on