Creating Concepts Targeting Unmet Needs with Digital Discovery®

The Challenge

A global utility company with a focus on digital innovation had a track record of slow-to-market launches that didn’t always meet customers’ needs. While account teams stay close to their customers, the one-on-one, needs-based conversations weren’t a particular focus for them. Their conversations didn’t generally involve innovation ideation.

The client was challenged to understand their customers’ needs, pain points and possible solutioning to meet those needs, in addition to bridging internal customers’ desires and motivations for developing and bringing to market possible innovation offerings.

The Solution

Coming out of a hybrid workshop with a goal to ideate on all customers’ needs, pain points and possible solutioning.  We worked with external customers to cocreate concepts that would meet some of their digital innovation needs. We tested four distinct concepts in Digital Discovery® among internal and external customers to attain both quantitative and qualitive understanding of concept attractiveness and potential for Go To Market (GTM).

The Results

  • Tested four distinct concepts in Digital Discovery® with quantitative results and deep qualitative insights.
  • Results were transformed into an interactive dashboard provided through Digital Discovery® allowing end users to unpack the feedback.
  • Feedback was used to develop the digital innovation roadmap for ‘22/’23 – resulting in the progression of two ideas for external GTM pursuance and two ideas for internal process improvement use.