Digital Discovery® Defines Priorities for Company Transformation

The Challenge

Our client, a small-sized management consulting
firm, was dealing with various organizational changes. From leadership to employee location, transformation was occurring at various levels and stages within the
organization. As a result, they wanted to know the effects this transformation was having on their workforce, as well as any insight into ways they could alleviate pain points and reinforce overall transformation’s successfulness.

The Solution

We utilized Digital Discovery® to rapidly interview all of the organization’s employees underneath its
different practices, in order to gain insight into current levels of employee engagement. Using
machine-learning technology, the tool assimilated
information from each interview and, with the support of our team of analysts, clustered and summarized results, developed sentiment analysis, and provided the consulting team with tangible insights to support final recommendations.

The Results

  • Gave everyone in the company a voice and
    getting them onboard with the changes.
  • Addressed employee concerns via a more informed leadership.
  • Utilized information gained for creating multiple company wide initiatives that bolstered morale and energized the organization.
  • Informed management goals for the calendar year.