Boosting CX Strategy by Combining Customer and Employee Input

The Challenge

A global healthtech company identified a strategic opportunity to elevate their customer’s experience.  A changing market is slowly moving the customer away from the clinical superiority that the company has relied on for so long.  By identifying the new needs of the customers, the company would be able to retain their market leadership and grow.  The Digital Discovery team was challenged with informing what a strong end to end customer experience should look like in order to enhance their sustainable customer experience strategy and plan.

The Solution

Leveraging Digital Discovery®, we took a two-pronged approach to the examine the customer experience and the employee experience.  Assessments sent to  customers, influencers, and other vendors in the market identified a well-rounded view of the customer expectation.  Internal assessments provided insights to where the customer experience could be enhanced.  The output combined both datasets into one dashboard feeding design thinking workshops to bolster the understanding of the customer experience .  This led to a customer experience strategy and related action plan for the company to implement.

The Results

  • Digital Discovery® database of insights combining of over 300 new and over 2k existing contributions for future reference and analysis
  • The build of 3 personas, 6 journey maps, and a unique customer/employee integrated experience map, to visualize the customer’s end to end experience
  • A customer experience strategy and action plan with fundamental drivers, quick wins, action committee, and three-year roadmap.