Managing Change in the Workplace: Leveraging Digital Discovery®

The Challenge

Our client, a large individual not-for-profit health insurer in the United States, was undergoing a major change as they sought to transform their business to  enable future growth and broader outreach for their federal and state product lines.  Despite communication around the need for change and programs initiated to support the change, leadership did not have a clear view of how well the message was resonating, and if their employees were bought in to making the change happen.


The Solution

With the help of Digital Discovery® we reached out to over 100 managers throughout the organization to assess their change readiness.  This outreach took place across multiple stages of the transformation to develop a baseline and inform the current strategy. This set leadership on a course for more informed decision making as it related to the transformation. After some strategic realignment and prioritization, we reassessed the initial group enabling further clarity for leaders and ongoing refinement of the outreach and change programs.

The Results

  • A deeper understanding of the employee experience across 5 key areas of change: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.
  • Real time feedback on the employee perspective informing strategic decisions
  • More specific communication, better alignment of supporting programs, and increased employee buy-in
  • Reduced the amount of friction and change resisters through open lines of communication and support