Design Thinking Workshops Enriched by Expanding Consumer Input

The Challenge

Our client, a global technology company with a focus on health care, needed to place a specific focus in the area of consumer solutions. They needed to better understand the consumer experience in order to uncover new solutions for them. This was especially difficult because they were exploring a whole new market and had no way to capture any insights from this new area. In addition, our client also lacked any consumer testimonials in the area in which they were designing products.

The Solution

We used our proprietary AI-based Digital Discovery® tool to quickly interview more than 100 consumers and provide a window into their lives and better understand the consumer’s journey. Using machine-learning technology, the tool gathered and information
from each interview and, along with the support of our Insights & Innovation team, categorized and summarized results, performed sentiment analysis, and provided the consultants with tangible insights to provide to workshop participants.

The Results

  • Gathered rich consumer insight synthesized by machine learning techniques.
  • Better understanding of the consumer’s journey through various stages of the area in which products were being designed for.
  • More enriched personas for better understanding of the target demographics.
  • A well-informed workshop that was able to successfully design various products.