Assessing Customer Needs with Digital Discovery®

The Challenge

A global utility company’s Digital and Innovation group was looking to better understand the needs and specific attribute inclusions of a potential solution they were looking to either “build or buy” for launch in the next 18-months.

The client needed to understand the needs, wants, and unaddressed challenges of those individuals who would ultimately utilize and accept the solution, which must address the internal financial and marketing objectives. Additionally, the solution needed to meet end-user functionality and asset offerings expectations.

The Solution

Digital Discovery® assisted a full-scale Design Thinking project aimed at understanding internal and external customer needs. The first assessment was aimed at the internal perspective and then, transitioned to talking to the “boots on the ground” – the ultimate end-user of the offering. Data collected was compiled into a BI dashboard informing journey maps and personas for both customer groups and conducted a virtual workshop to ideate on ALL customers’ needs, pain points, and possible solutioning attributes and inclusions. The workshop led to specific concept testing with external customers on this idea, and three more, to ensure an ongoing pipeline of innovative solutions.

The Results

  • Deeper understanding of key personas and their journey for both internal and external customers
  • Informed participants of a virtual Design Thinking workshop identifying key attributes necessary for said solution investigation.
  • An opportunity matrix for areas of importance among both boots on the ground and internal stakeholders isolating focus for solution attributes and inclusions.