Elevating Application Design through Customer Feedback Tool

The Challenge

A nonprofit arm of a global telecommunication company supporting sustainable projects that use technology to deliver public benefit at scale was looking to update a mobile application they support.  The app offers a suite of tools and devices to both support and protect survivors of abuse.  In order to ensure the new version of the application would be most beneficial to the users, the team working on the new design wanted to understand from the customer what mattered most.  Getting the customer prospective however would be difficult given the sensitivity around the apps userbase and location which spans 13 different countries.

The Solution

With the help of Digital Discovery® anonymous assessments, the team was able to craft questions to provide insight into the future design of the application.  The questions not only helped to uncover what feature and functionality would be most useful to end users but also gave users a chance to provide direct feedback on the new design based on screenshots from the app.  Furthermore, leveraging built in translation services, the assessment was localized across the 13 different countries ensuring more accurate understanding of the questions.

The Results

  • A more comprehensive definition of the user experience highlighting pain points and opportunities
  • Putting the customer at the center of the design, with improved customer insight into required features and functionality
  • Richer collaboration from counterparts across the 13 countries who advocate for this work, increasing buy in into the final product