Providing push-button scalability through Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

The Challenge

A regional accounting firm recognized the need to update and centralize their data control without compromising data security. At the same time, they needed to connect a remote workforce while maintaining the ability to rapidly scale and retract their workforce based on seasonal needs.

The Solution

Following the S-A-O methodology, our architects led strategy sessions to identify the best solution, from software needed to connecting the new solution to legacy requirements. The next step was to launch a Proof of Concept (POC) for a subset of users to test the environment and finetune the scaling process. With a solid architecture in place, the team deployed the POC to a production-ready solution with operational and security controls in place, ready to handle the seasonal scaling of the workforce.


The Results

Leveraging a variety of Microsoft solutions, including Azure Active Directory (AAD), Teams, FS Logix, M365, and Windows Virtual Desktop, the client was able  to successfully deploy a secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that provided a secure environment. In addition to saving over $100,000 in upgrade costs, the firm converted costs from a CapEx to an OpEx model. Workforce scalability increased to push-button ease, with automation of nearly all of back-end processes for onboarding and offboarding of employees.

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