Providing push-button scalability through Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

The Challenge

A regional accounting firm recognized the need to update and centralize their data control without compromising data security. At the same time, they needed to connect a remote workforce while maintaining the ability to rapidly scale and retract their workforce based on seasonal needs.

The Solution

Following the S-A-O methodology, our architects led strategy sessions to identify the best solution, from software needed to connecting the new solution to legacy requirements. The next step was to launch a Proof of Concept (POC) for a subset of users to test the environment and finetune the scaling process. With a solid architecture in place, the team deployed the POC to a production-ready solution with operational and security controls in place, ready to handle the seasonal scaling of the workforce.


The Results

Leveraging a variety of Microsoft solutions, including Azure Active Directory (AAD), Teams, FS Logix, M365, and Windows Virtual Desktop, the client was able  to successfully deploy a secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that provided a secure environment. In addition to saving over $100,000 in upgrade costs, the firm converted costs from a CapEx to an OpEx model. Workforce scalability increased to push-button ease, with automation of nearly all of back-end processes for onboarding and offboarding of employees.

Missy Karwowski is a driven and innovative problem solver with a roll-up-your sleeves work ethic and nearly 20 years of experience across multiple industries. In addition to technology consulting, she brings a deep understanding of operations, supply chain, and logistics, along with extensive marketing, event management, and sales expertise. Missy is committed to building strong organizations by enabling the people to succeed through business and digital transformation.

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