Reducing projects leads to multi-year roadmap and workstreams aligning with organization vision

The Challenge

In order to respond to a number of significant and varying market forces, our client’s pharmacy organization had developed an extensive list of strategic projects for consideration. However, without mature processes for evaluating and prioritizing potential work, there was very little progress toward execution as well as overall confusion on current priorities for the team. Additionally, there was a lack of insight into the resources and governance necessary to execute.

The Solution

Through analysis of a variety of client-provided documentation, we quickly compiled a list of all projects under consideration. We then pared the list to those projects that supported the organization’s strategic objectives, and then logically grouped these projects into workstreams. We delivered the client with a clear and executable multi-year roadmap for the workstreams that included recommendations on portfolio management structure and governance, and a detailed short-term execution plan to ensure early success and momentum.

The Results

  • Provided an executable roadmap for the prioritization, governance, resourcing, and execution of the client portfolio, both short-term and long-term.
  • Pared a list of 100+ project concepts down to 51 unique work items across five workstreams.
  • Formalized the organization’s vision and objectives and anchored strategic work to these objectives.
  • Developed a resourcing model that enabled our sponsor to gain budget approval for additional resources.

Strategies to Help Bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap

It is a challenge as old as companies have been in existence: too many priorities and not enough time or people to execute them. And now, more than any time in history, companies either thrive and evolve or quickly fall behind.