Healthcare technology company uses customer feedback to succeed in new market

The Challenge

Our client, a health care division of a global technology company, needed to develop a new consumer-focused solution. To do this, they needed to better understand the consumer experience. This was difficult because they were exploring a whole new market and were used to relying on customer testimonials.

The Solution

The client leveraged Digital Discovery® – Aspirant's AI-driven, virtual interview tool – to interview over 100 consumers. Every individual's response was analyzed, categorized, and summarized using the tool's sentiment analysis. These interviews provided a window into consumers' lives and helped designers to understand their customer's journey. This provided the client and the Aspirant consulting team with the detailed insights they needed to inform the new solution, all in a fraction of the time it would have taken to interview the same group in-person.

The Results

Digital Discovery® Insights helped the client to:

  • gather and analyze consumer insights
  • understand their customer’s journey through various stages of the buyer's journey for their product
  • add more detail to their personas - capturing their deeper understanding of the target demographics
  • conduct a well-informed workshop that resulted in many successful product designs

Solve Your Problems With AI Insights

Digital Discovery® is a virtual interview tool that will give you the insight you need, so you can prioritize the things that matter, and make smarter business decisions.