Developed telemedicine system for healthcare start-up

App Development & Integration

The Challenge

Our client, a healthcare start-up, wanted to give patients a fully personalized consultation experience with healthcare professionals, access to medical records, and prescriptions with a 24-hour turnaround. For the medical providers, they wanted to offer an easy-to-use, integrated solution with the entire diagnostic process. This included customizable treatment options, access to eRX, patient communication support, and payables integration. HIPAA compliance and IS were also critical requirements.

The Solution

Our team at Aspirant filled all the necessary roles for the delivery of the software products. We developed the application with an N Tier architecture, running on a high availability SQL Server Cluster database and a load balanced multi-server farm to support the client’s requirements for response time. Web APIs were created to manage all database access and business logic. The APIs were leveraged across both the web UI and the native mobile application.

The Results

  • Providing overall project management, compliance testing, application testing, web and mobile development, and application support.
  • A national, market-ready telemedicine system that was the first of its kind.
  • White-label platform that could be used by providers and third-party partners with different branding and billing requirements
  • Solution that supports over 250 healthcare providers and has partnerships with several large medical practices and insurance providers.
Phil is Aspirant's Managing Director of the App Development & Integration practice with a focus on providing enterprise-grade solutions. His 30 years of experience have given him the opportunity to work across many markets, industries, and applications. Phil is leading a team of skilled web and mobile developers building strategic solutions for our customers.

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