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Maximizing Integration Value and Avoiding the ‘M&A Leaky Bucket’ Syndrome

Mike McClaine

Mergers and acquisitions are typically built on aggressive financial promises, but the value delivered often does not live up to the lofty expectations. Learn what factors cause sales and profit goals to be missed and how companies can solve for this “leaky bucket” and take strong actions to maximize the value of mergers or acquisitions....

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How We Are Different

Aspirant prepares a company for a sale through identifying and shoring up issues that would cause future gaps in knowledge or process, and manages transition activities such as strategy development and tactical implementation after the deal closes.

Kollitz, Bill--2-1-1

Bill Kollitz

Director, Mergers & Acquisitions Practice


Our service area cross-collaboration and integration will help set our clients up for success after the transaction.

Our Services


Strategy Development

Deciding the actions that determine and guide who your organization is, what it does, and who your market is.

Organizational Design

Connecting your employees to the vision, values, and strategies of your company so they can be truly productive.

Transformation Execution

Implementing realistic and sustainable strategies that your company can execute via an end-to-end partnership.

Operations and Process Development

Determining and implementing the methods and systems your company uses to reach objectives.

Marketing and Branding

Determining who you are via your branding strategy and how you build awareness via marketing

Sales Integration

Optimizing your current digital capabilities and identify new opportunities to drive sustained value.

Technology Definition

Developing custom software solutions, and design and deliver technical solutions that help you meet your goals.

Program and Project Management

Providing enterprise-level perspective to bridge strategic and operational priorities while building high-performing teams.