Client Goes from Concept to In-Market in 10 Months

Tailored Pet Nutrition is a new brand in the direct-to-consumer pet food market. Aspirant helped them with Strategy, Vendor Selection, IT Architecture, and Program Implementation so they could go live with their eCommerce platform.


John Conroy

Rob Kovacevic brings with him proven success in Information Technology leadership and execution in consulting and corporate roles, with a strategic focus on applying technology to solve business problems, improve processes, and add business value....

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How We Are Different

Our team is comprised of high-quality technologists who bring a balance of expertise in systems and business transformation along with data analytics abilities and PM best practices. And by utilizing advances in AI, we developed the Digital Discovery® tool to enable our consultants the ability to collect and digest an entire organization’s worth of information and accelerate client value from start to finish.

Dean Campbell

Dean Campbell

Vice President, Digital & Technology Practice


If you’re looking for a tech partner who has your success at the center of its focus, our team has the experience, vision, and determination to make your vision a reality.


Understand where your company is in terms of competition, from researching if there are customers for your product to determining if you’re winning your marketplace.

Our Services


Digital & Technology Strategy

Understanding your company’s value proposition and developing a digital and technology strategy to execute.

Digital Transformation

Changing your company’s business model to create, capture, and deliver value in a digital world.

Digital Execution

Implementing the processes and plans to build on your Digital Strategy.

Data Analytics & Information Management

Providing technical and managerial skills to create and control your company's data resources and information.

Robotics Process Automation

Automating your company's business support functions to enable you to focus on revenue generating activities.

Software Selection & Implementation

Selecting and implementing the correct application software can transform your organization within your market.

Software Design & Development

Gathering and analyzing your business functions, then designing an application solution to meet your requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Allowing your internal machines to adjust to inputs, learn from experience, and perform human-like tasks

Systems Integrations

Linking together various software applications and computing systems to behave as a coordinated whole.

Architecture Design

Ensuring that applications, various systems, and databases work together.

Modernizing Core Technology

Providing a chance to establish a digital foundation that can help you adapt to future changes.

Cloud Transformation

Helping aligns your IT infrastructure to your business objectives.