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Bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap with Strong Project Leadership

Leann Wyzkoski

It is a challenge as old as companies have been in existence: too many priorities and not enough time or people to execute them. And now, more than any time in history, companies either thrive and evolve or quickly fall behind....

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Agile or Waterfall? Both! Matching the Right Type of Development Framework to Your Critical Initiative

Leann Wyzkoski

Managing a project takes a unique set of skills and an approach unlike most business practices. Whether building a bridge, developing software or optimizing a new process, a skilled project manager uses a system of processes called a methodology to bring about a successful project outcome. ...

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How We Are Different

Aspirant’s project management team has proven business consulting backgrounds that provide an enterprise-level perspective to bridge strategic and operational priorities while building high-performance teams and assuring user adoption.


Leann Wyzkoski

Engagement Manager


Whatever your portfolio, program or project needs, our consultants take pride in their work and don’t stop delivering until we feel we’ve given you nothing short of the best.

Our Services


Strategic Portfolio Management

Providing advice and tools to ensure your company's projects are aligned with your overall strategic goals.

Project Prioritization & Selection

Implementing customized governance to optimize project prioritization and selection within your company.

PMO Design and Implementation

Creating a Project Management Office that develops, implements, and maintains project management standards.

Best Practice Training

Providing education on current, best practice project, program and portfolio standards through classes and material.

PPM & PMO Tools

Identifying and implementing PPM/PMO toolsets to maximize value from best practice processes and skilled personnel.

Integrated Program/Change Management

Providing full-service change management to maximize the value of your investments.

Strategy/Operations Alignment

Identifying strategic business elements in operations and align these with the business strategies.

Strategy Execution

Converting strategic plans into results by investing in a robust, multi-phase strategy execution process.

Project Rescue

Applying mitigation strategies to help challenged projects become valuable.

Business/Technology Mapping

Aligning your business practices and processes with the right technology.