Aspirant maintains its global management consultancy headquarters in the high-tech leading city of Pittsburgh, PA, and the vibrant global business center of London, UK.

Pittsburgh Office

@ Nova Place

Once viewed as a town built around steel, Pittsburgh has progressed far and wide beyond the traditional image long associated with the city. It is rapidly expanding into a high-tech business epicenter. Google is expanding its presence in the city, and Pittsburgh is home to major healthcare providers and many high-tech start-ups. The city’s character is further underpinned by its top-tier universities, which includes Aspirant’s tech partner Carnegie Mellon University. 

Aspirant began nearly 15 years ago as Newton Consulting, right outside of Pittsburgh, and since that time we have progressed in a parallel manner to the city. 

To show this commitment to our Pittsburgh roots, Aspirant moved its headquarters to Nova Place, a 30-acre mixed-use, urban redevelopment project located on Pittsburgh's developing North Side, minutes away from PNC Park, Heinz Field, and downtown Pittsburgh. We chose to stay in Pittsburgh because we believe in the city and its future and feel it is the perfect place to continue growing our presence. 

Our connection extends to working with the city’s universities, as the Digital Arsenal™ (DA), our proprietary consulting technology, was created through collaboration with a group of Carnegie Mellon University graduate students. The DA lead developer and our insights director work closely together with CMU professors at the School of Computer Science to discuss new ideas or brainstorm solutions. 

This makes Pittsburgh a perfect environment for Aspirant to build the technology-based partnerships and foster the talent needed to continue growth.

+1 724 655 4441

Nova Tower 1
One Allegheny Square, Suite 502
Pittsburgh PA 15212

London Office

@ Dorset Street

London is a vibrant, diverse and exciting city that has been central to global business for centuries. At Aspirant, we aim high, and we one day hope to deliver our quality consulting services worldwide. As a global platform, London is an invaluable resource and acts as an anchor for companies like ours that are looking to expand across continents.

As such, Aspirant is very proud to have a base just off Baker Street, the home of famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Holmes was known as a ‘consulting detective’, which we identify with because, as management consultants, we also need to be like detectives to help you find the right problems to solve.

Our London-based consulting and business development teams take full advantage of all the city has to offer. Being accustomed to the fast pace and high demands of a big city, they are no strangers to the need to adapt fast, and meet complex changes with calm discernment.

Just like the city itself, we at Aspirant are a mixture of both old and new, taking traditions from days gone by and flavoring them with the very latest in modern technology.

+44 2080 682 996

6 Dorset Street
Marylebone London