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Winning Quarterly Planning by Avoiding these 3 Common Mistakes

Winning Quarterly Planning by Avoiding these 3 Common Mistakes

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve already read how DevOps can help you achieve quarterly goals. But simply having a DevOps process isn’t enough. Winning your quarterly goals requires planning, research and execution. Planning isn’t always easy, but a little forethought can easily prevent these common tech mistakes to keep you and your customers happy in the New Year.

1. Out-of-Date Software and Hardware

One of your goals for the upcoming year is likely about minimizing downtime. Out-of date software and hardware make that much harder. The older it is, the harder and more expensive it is to find people who can work on it.

Eventually you will have to update your hardware and software. If you are years behind, that transition is going to be a hard one for your employees, your bottom line and your customers. Not to mention having reliable modern technology helps you keep up with all the innovation you want to do.

Scheduling the updates in your quarterly planning enables you to control the when, where and how of updates. This way you are not reacting to disaster and instead proactively avoiding one. This makes you a winner.

2. Not Keeping Backups and Not Checking Your Process

Your company is reliant on your technology, and you are reliant on the data. Failing to have a good backup process in place, and failure to utilize and test that process can be a death sentence for any company.

There is truly no excuse for not having reliable backups of your imperative data. There are so many technologies you can use, companies you can partner with and various solutions to the backup problem. Work it into your quarterly plan to stay ahead of a possible crisis.

Even if you have your data backed up, how long would it take you to bring the company back up and running if something happened? What would the impact be of that lost time? It’s not enough to have back up; you also have to have a plan and process for accessing it as efficiently as possible.

3. Not Planning for User Training

This mistake is painfully common. You make amazing plans about all the great new software, processes, etc. you’re going to do this year. You schedule all the time needed for development, testing, and edits. But then you don’t schedule in any time for training the end users. Maybe you think your changes are going to be obvious and so simple that training won’t be needed, but you’re wrong. You will always be wrong about that. Always assume training will be needed.

Not only will this make every transition and change of software and processes faster and easier, it will also contribute to better results. If users don’t understand the best way operate software it’s useless. Any time, money, efficiency you expected to gain is now out the window.

So if you’re planning on your new order entry system to save X amount of dollars in labor costs and to decrease the amount of time spent entering orders by X amount make sure you schedule the time to train the users. Otherwise, it looks like your project failed, and that’s because it did. Implementation isn’t a success if it doesn’t garner the expected results.

For helping winning at quarterly planning and achieving your tech goals reach out to Aspirant.

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