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We Just Bought this Technology. Why is Nobody Using It?

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We Just Bought this Technology. Why is Nobody Using It?

Technology is amazing, right? And not only do you love it, you are so excited to have brought this incredible new technology to your team. But when you look around at their faces, you don’t see that same excitement. In fact, you might not see any enthusiasm at all. Why not? Don’t they realize how GREAT this new tech is?

No, they don’t. This is where you must take a step back and realize not everyone thinks like you do. For a lot of people, changing from one kind of tech to another is inherently complicated, scary and considered a waste of time.

It’s part of your job to change that attitude. Here are some tips:

Identify early adopters

These are the other people in the organization that are interested in technology and actually use the technology you’re replacing. They can be the key to getting buy-in from others. You have to pick the right people, though. They need to :

  • Be Influencers in their areas
  • Have a strong network with their peers
  • Be recognized for their honesty and integrity

Reinforce the why

Users typically don’t care about all the “ooh, shiny” aspects of new technology. They want to know what it’s going to do for them. What problem is it going to help them solve? How is it going to make their job easier? How is it going to make their customer’s experience better? These are the whys you need to communicate.

Make the tech easy to access

Surprisingly, this step is commonly overlooked. The steps for accessing and using this tech need to be easily integrated into the current routine. Make it so.

Give early adopters a voice

Remember those influencers you picked out earlier? Listen to them. Respect their opinions and criticism. And don’t just hear them, react to their suggestions. Make the changes they ask for. Show them you value their help. Because you do.

Minimize the pain

  • Make sure training and support tools are available and easy to access
  • Have subject matter experts immediately accessible
  • Create a gamification atmosphere encouraging participation

Build reinforcement across the organization pyramid

  • In the beginning, recognize and reward behaviors, not results. Show appreciation for people’s use of the tech, successful or not.
  • Use peers to reinforce good behavior. Incentivize them to encourage each other.
  • Have management track and reinforce tech use. This means make sure managers are proficient in the new tech. They have to use it themselves.

Track early indicators to target support and success

Make sure you are consistently showing everyone why this tech is a good idea. Show how using it positively influences your organization. Onboarding new tech isn’t over once people start using it. You need to prove its validity over time.

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