February 11, 2020

Why Should I Implement Change Management Using Prosci?

Objectives are unmet and milestones missed. The speed of adoption slows and projects start going over budget. Your utilization lowers and reworks are required. Employees become fatigued; your project fails to deliver. Morale decline and projects are abandoned. Your customers are impacted and employees leave. A legacy of failed change is left.

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April 2, 2019

Why Can’t We Get Anything Done? 5 Simple Strategies to Help Bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap

It is a challenge as old as companies have been in existence: too many priorities and not enough time or people to execute them. And now, more than any time in history, companies either thrive and evolve or quickly fall behind. Companies typically do not struggle with generating ideas to move their company ahead. Instead, they struggle with creating a strategy to effectively focus their resources and execute on those ideas.

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July 5, 2019

Agile or Waterfall? Both! Matching the Right Type of Development Framework to Your Critical Initiative

Most people choose their wardrobe based on the season. In colder months, it would be inadequate to go outside in shorts or a tank top, and uncomfortable to wear an overcoat in warmer weather. Similarly, the array of projects in a company’s portfolio are often as different as the seasons, and so it is usually appropriate to choose more than one approach within a portfolio. In recent decades, companies have developed and implemented many approaches for delivering work, resulting in a plethora of frameworks and methodologies. But like the seasons, each project requires the right wardrobe to satisfy its unique circumstances.

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