April 9, 2018

3 Things HR Can Do to Speed Up Innovation

Organizational Effectiveness

The Human Resources department is a vital part of having a company that propels itself towards innovation. The days of the HR person who only handles company insurance, conflicts and policies are coming to an end.

While often they are seen as someone who puts the brakes on new ideas and operates from a place of risk assessment, the time has come for adaptation. Companies are expecting HR to drive innovation from the start. They need to become more proactive with solutions and ideas instead of reactive to concerns.

Here are three ways in which to drive innovation.


Align the people strategy to drive innovation

  • Innovation starts at hiring. Are you hiring to meet diversity quotas and exact job descriptions? Or are you hiring diverse candidates who can help drive innovation? Hire people who can help the company move forward, not just people who check all the boxes.
  • Design a performance management system that encourages innovative behaviors. What gets measured is what gets done. Incorporating innovation metrics and objectives into individual performance reinforces your organization’s commitment to innovating at all levels of the organization.
  • Elevate your innovators. Reward innovators with more autonomy and engaging work. Help turn innovators into leaders. In a study by SHRM, of HR professionals, 31% believe developing the next generation of organizational leaders is their biggest challenge in Human Capital.


Shift your questions into statements

  • Learn to be an innovator yourself; part of your job is to be a leader in your company. Instead of asking what you can do to help a situation, offer innovative ideas. When you see a roadblock to a company goal, don’t just point it out. You want to offer an alternative or solution that helps drive innovation
  • Take control of what you have influence over. If upper management is looking for new talent offer to write up the job description, do the research needed and start the process of looking for candidates. Your value as HR is in more than just doing what you are asked, prove it.


Follow through and demonstrate success with data

  • Keep track of what you’re doing with performance management, hiring, and contributing to innovation. Everything should be measurable. You should be able to show how successful your strategies are.
  • Research your ideas, look at what other companies are doing, and share studies that reinforce your strategies. 


 Understand your culture


Judy partners with executives and leadership teams to engage and inspire employees in a way that delivers sustainable strategic results. She brings deep expertise and creative ideas to solve organizational effectiveness issues and closely collaborates in a way that builds internal capabilities. Judy has spent over 25 years consulting in a variety of industries, bringing her expertise in behavior to a wide range of organizational issues including organizational behavior change, leadership, change management, culture and engagement.

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